Sample TEA web service API

Height provider service

This service provides a height value for a given location, expressed in WGS84. The provided level of detail depends on the configured source data but does not exceed DTED level 2.

Example of a coordinate read-out enhanced with the height information.

End point




Line of Sight service

This service provides a visibility calculation from a person's point of view. The calculation is based on a digital terrain model. The result of the calculation provides information on what may be visible when looking around from the given location.

Actual values and colors used by the service to interpret the result are available in a legend.

Example use of line of sight calculation within a client application.

Example use of legend for line of sight calculation within a client application.



PNG image with the calculated LOS image.

Fixed parameters within the service

The service uses a set of parameters that cannot be provided by the client application to keep the API simple. The following values are being used:

Error conditions

End point


Request line of sight


Request bounds


Request legend



All services mentioned here require a request parameter indicating the desired version of the service. At this moment only version 1.0 is available.